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    Product HS Code Purpose Specification
    1 2,4-D DMA Salt (2,4-D Dimethyl Amine Salt) 3808931990 It is mainly used to control rice and wheat crops dicotyledonous weeds.
    2 Abamectin EC 38089190 Abamectin is used to control insect and mite pests. It is also used by homeowners for control of fire ants.
    3 Acephate 80% SP 29299040 It is used primarily for control of aphids and in horticulture.
    4 Aromatic Solvent 27075000 It can be used in agrochemical or Pesticide and Insecticide Formulations.
    5 BPMC (2-sec Butylphenyl Methylcarbamate) 2922499915 Insecticide
    6 CAN (Calcium Ammonium Nitrate) 31022900 It is used as basic fertilizer, seed fertilizer and top dressing.
    7 Cypermethrin 92% TC 2926909031 It is used for the prevention and treatment of a variety of crops on a variety of insect pests.
    8 Dimehypo 3808919000 Used for prevention and control of insect pests of rice.
    9 DMAPA (Dimethylaminopropylamine) 2921290000 As an intermediate it is used for example for the synthesis of agro chemicals and surfactants.
    10 DMF (N,N-Dimethyl Formamide) 29241910 DMF is used in the development and production of pesticides.
    11 Glyphosate 2931901916 Widely used in the fields of forest, agriculture, tea, herd, industry and transportation.
    12 Lambda Cyhalothrin 2926909034 Used for prevention and control the pests on crops, such as cotton, vegetables and tobacco.
    13 Metsulfuron Methyl 20 WDG 3808931100 Used in the prevention and control of crop annual and perennial broadleaf weeds.
    14 Paraquat 42% 3808931910 It kills a wide range of annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds.
    15 SAN (Ammonium Phosphorus Nitrate) 31055100 It promotes the growth of the soil, loosen the soil microbes and significantly improve the soil structure.