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      Product HS Code (CAS No) Application Specification
    Basic Raw Materials for Plastics 
    1 CHDM (1,4-Cyclohexane-Dimethanol) 2906199090 (105-08-8) PETG, PCT, PCTG, PCTA, etc.
    2 ESBO (Epoxidized Soybean Oil) 1518000000(8013-07-8) Used in all PVC products and also special printing ink, paint, coating, CCL & PCB and liquid compound stabilizer
    1 ATBC (Acetyl Tributyl Citrate) 29181500 (77-90-7) Innocuous plasticizer used in PVC, cellulose resin and synthetic rubber
    2 DAP (Diallyl Phthalate) 29173490 (131-17-9) Used as crossing agent and plasticizer of unsaturated resin
    3 DBM (Dibutyl Maleate) 2917190090 (105-76-0) Plasticizer for PVC resin and methacrylate resin
    4 DBP (Di Butyl Phthalate) 2917341090 (84-74-2) Plasticizer for nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate and polyvinyl chloride
    5 DEGDB (Diethylene Glycol Dibenzoate) 29163100 (120-55-8) Used as plasticizer in adhesives, caulks, resilient flooring, PVC, artificial leather cloth
    6 DIDP (Di-Iso-Decyl Phthalate) 29173300 (26761-40-0) Used as plasticizer in Wires & Cables, Leather & Clothes, etc
    7 DOA (Dicotyl Adipate) 2917120090 (103-23-1) Plasticizer of Polyvinyl chloride, vinyl chloride copolymers, polystyrene, cellulose nitrate and ethyl cellulose
    8 DPHP (Di-(2-Propyl Heptyl) Phthalate) 2917349000 (53306-54-0) As Plasticizer to be used in wire and cable, car interior, leatherette, flat roof material and advertising film
    9 DPGDB (Dipropylene Glycol Dibenzoate) 29163100 (27138-31-4) Used as plasticizer in adhesives, caulks, resilient flooring, PVC, artificial leather cloth
    10 TEC (Triethyl Citrate) 29181500 (77-93-0) Plasticizer of cellulose resin and vinyl resin, leavening agent and flavoring agent in food
    11 Triacetin 2915390090 (102-76-1) Plasticizer for cigarette filter rods, Chewing gum, Cosmetics
    12 MK-TXIB (2,2,4-Trimethyl-1,3-Pentanediol Diisobutyrate) 29156000 (6846-50-0) Plasticizer used in adhesive
    Rubber Additives
    1 1,6-bis (N,N- Dibenzylthiocarbamoyldithio) -hexane 3812100000 (151900-44-6) It can improve rubber products anti-reversion behavior and ageing-resistant performance
    2 CH80 (1,1-Bis(t-butyl peroxy) cyclohexane 80%) 2909600000 (3006-86-8) It is a peroxy ketal initiator for polymerization of styrene, cross linking agent for polyethylene and elastomers
    3 BIBP (Bis(t-Butylperoxy Isopropyl) Benzene) 2909600000 (25155-25-3) As a cross-linking agent to be used in plastic and rubber
    4 BPO (Dibenzoyl Peroxide 50%) 29163200 (94-36-0) Use as initiator of polymerization in styrene, acrylic resins, curing agent for unsaturated resin and elastomers
    5 DCBP (Bis (2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl) Peroxide) 2916399090 (133-14-2) It is a crosslinking agent of silicone rubber
    6 DCP (Dicumyl Peroxide) 2909600000 (80-43-3) Widely used as the cross-linking agent for polyolefin cable wrapper, sulfurization agent for synthetic rubber products and EPS, etc
    7 DTBP (Di-tert-butyl peroxide) 2909600000 (110-05-4) It is commonly used as a radical initiator in organic synthesis and polymer chemistry
    8 TBHP (Tert butyl hydroperoxide) 2909600000 (75-91-2) As a polymerization initiator to be used in ethylene, Acrylate, ABS, Methyl acrylate and EVA polymerization reaction
    9 TMCH (1,1-Di (Tert-Butylperoxy)- 3,3,5-Trimethylcyclohexane) 2909600000 (6731-36-8) Used for crosslinking of natural and synthetic rubbers
    Other Additives
    1 Calcium Formate 29151200 (544-17-2) PETG, PCT, PCTG, PCTA
    2 L(+) Tartaric Acid 29181200 (87-69-4) Gypsum retarder, Grape wine PH adjuster, Drug resolving agent, Food Emulsifyling agent
    3 MTM (Methyltin Mercaptide) 2931909090 (57583-35-4) (57583-34-3) Heat Stabilizer
    4 MBTO (Monobutyltin Oxide) 2931900090 (2273-43-0) Catalyst used in the synthesis of saturated polyester resins for coatings and also in UPR
    5 PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) 3907201000 (25322-68-3) Wetting agent in cosmetics, also can be used in Pharmaceuticals
    6 Sodium Acetate Anhydrous 29152910 (127-09-3) Raw materials used in printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, chemical reagents and industrial catalysts, additives, filled with PPD and anti-corrosion agent preservation